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Picture of me.

Hi! My name is Gergana,

but I usually go by Gery because that's a bit easier to pronounce. I am a South African software developer, adventurer and Star Wars geek extraordinaire.

I am a Microsoft MVP

in Windows Development, due to my community contributions to the Internet-of-Things.

I work at Caura.

In my spare time I do quite a bit of research in web and IoT, and more specifically the convergence of these two technologies. You can check out some of my personal projects on GitHub.

The project I am most proud of is the lightsaber I built

I documented the whole process and you can see it in this GitHub repo.

I love speaking in community, below you can see some of my more recent talks:

For a full list of talks you can take a look at this YouTube playlist.

I am also trying out this blogging thing. (Follow me on Dev)